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Lighthouse Imaging test & measurement instruments can be used to test and verify the optical quality of both rigid and flexible endoscopes.  The types of rigid scopes that can be tested include laparoscopes, arthroscopes, bronchoscopes, cystoscopes containing either rod lenses or distal end (chip-on-tip) optical components.

Lighthouse test & measurement equipment is typically used for QC/QA testing during scope manufacturing, scope service and repair and in the clinical engineering or biomedical engineering department at hospitals and surgical centers.

All Lighthouse Imaging endoscope quality test & measurement instruments can be used to monitor scope quality in support of a hospital’s preventive maintenance (PM) program to ensure compliance with the Joint Commission’s requirement for managing scopes in diagnostic medical equipment inventory (Elements of Performance – EC.02.01.01, EC.02.04.01, EC.02.04.03).

Who is Checking Scope Quality?

By their very nature, endoscopes are prone to failure from many causes – overstressing, repeated sterilization, post-surgical handling or incomplete repair. Historically, testing the quality of endoscopes involved using very expensive instruments and the time of scientists or engineers. Attempts to simplify the equipment have resulted in incomplete measurements or results that don’t correlate with the reports from users.

It is estimated that 30% of scopes in inventory need repair and should not be used for surgery. Hospitals need to proactively survey their risks and protect against any liability.

  • Have your scope repair costs risen?
  • Do your surgeons complain about scope quality?
  • Are you experiencing scope related case delays?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” we have the solution.

Lighthouse’s line of endoscope test and measurement equipment allows you to quantitatively verify the quality of your endoscopes before surgery, enhancing patient safety and saving money.


EndoBench is an endoscope image quality test system with versions suitable for use in applications from screening endoscopes used in the surgical theater to quality control in high production work environments. The instrument consists of a custom designed opto-mechanical system and software to evaluate and report the parameters that are central to a clinical environment. Adapters and fixtures are included for measuring a wide range of rigid, flexible and video endoscopes. Learn More


EndoLume is a portable handheld instrument, that consists of a  custom-designed integrating sphere and light detector, precision light meter with digital display and adapters to connect with all endoscopic equipment common in medical institutions. Light values are displayed in lumens, the unit measure of luminous flux, or total amount of visible light. Learn More


EndoScan, the improved endoscope lens tester from Lighthouse Imaging, is designed to accurately and safely assess the inner surfaces of all diameters and lengths of rigid endoscopes equipped with a DIN standard eye piece. With the EndoScan you can detect: cracked relay lenses, moisture in optical system, dirt on surfaces and adhesive degradation. Learn More


The L700 LED Light Source from Lighthouse Imaging is designed to provide bright, white light for testing endoscopic systems. The compact, multi-turret design makes the L700 a versatile light source for system illumination testing with the EndoLume light meter. Learn More