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Lighthouse Imaging Announces Endobench XTB High-Performance Endoscope Image Quality Tester

Designed for high-production/high-volume endoscope manufacturing and repair environments, Endobench XTB is the newest addition to company’s line of endoscope image quality testers

PORTLAND, MAINE – Lighthouse Imaging Corporation has released its third-generation endoscope image quality tester, the Endobench XTB. This bench-mounted instrument provides a comprehensive set of clinically relevant endoscope image quality measurements with exceptional accuracy in high-volume environments, and is intended for endoscope manufacturers and independent repair companies. Endobench XTB tests a wide range of endoscope configurations and provides quantitative measurement data to monitor scope performance. The Endobench testers are the only products available that objectively measure all clinically relevant optical parameters.


Endoscope quality testing is important both in production of new endoscopes as well as during the repair process, to ensure quality prior to use in surgical procedures. With Endobench XTB, scope manufacturers and repair firms can provide customers with a quantitative measure of endoscope optical quality and performance. With its complete integrated database, it also meets Joint Commission standards for tracking rigid and flexible scopes in medical equipment inventory, a new requirement for hospitals.


“Endobench XTB will become the true workhorse of our line of endoscope testing devices, performing accurately and consistently even during heavy use by manufacturers and independent repair organizations,” says Mark Waite, Lighthouse Imaging CEO. “Endobench XTB offers versatility and flexibility for testing a wide range of scopes, while ensuring maximum accuracy.”


Endobench XTB accommodates a wide variety of endoscope configurations, such as offset and angle eyepieces. It measures clinically relevant optical parameters including image sharpness (MTF), image transmission, distortion, coloration, fiberoptics illumination brightness and distribution, and eyepiece diopter error. It includes a custom designed opto-mechanical system and software to evaluate and report the parameters that are central to a clinical environment. Adapters and fixtures are included for measuring rigid, flexible, and video endoscopes.


Endobench XTB is the newest tester from Lighthouse Imaging Corp., which develops instruments to measure and verify optical parameters throughout the entire endoscope lifecycle. Endobench is a portable endoscope tester that enables hospitals and surgical centers to measure the optical characteristics and performance of endoscopes when new, between procedures, and before and after repair. Endobench XT is a portable endoscope tester that enables endoscope service and repair companies and OEMs to make endoscope image quality measurements on-site at hospitals. Endolume enables biomedical engineers and medical professionals to test their entire endoscopic illumination system quickly, easily, and affordably on site at a medical facility.

About Lighthouse Imaging Corporation

Lighthouse Imaging is an award-winning provider of optical engineering and design services for the medical device industry, with more than 18 patents issued. Our NIST-traceable test and measurement equipment is manufactured in the United States at our ISO 9001/13485 certified and FDA registered facility. To view a video about the Endobench series of endoscope image quality testers, visit: