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Endolume enables biomedical professionals to test endoscopic system illumination priorto patient procedures; patented Optical BridgeTM allows more accurate measurements

PORTLAND, MAINE – Lighthouse Imaging Corporation announces that a key element of its Endolume testing device has been issued Patent #8040496 from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Endolume is a portable handheld device that measures the luminous intensity of endoscopic system light sources as well as light transmission through light cables and rigid or flexible endoscopes. Endolume enables hospital clinical engineering staff to quickly andaffordably troubleshoot endoscope system illumination prior to patient procedures. The patentis for the Optical Bridge™, which enables Endolume to measure endoscopic light sourceswithout the use of a light cable, allowing more accurate measurements.
“Operating rooms increasingly are equipped with HD cameras, which have reduced sensitivityand require full light output,” says Dr. Dennis Leiner, Lighthouse Imaging Chief TechnologyOfficer. “Endolume is simple to use and enables the biomed to quickly determine if there isenough light to perform the procedure.”
In addition to ensuring adequate light, the Endolume also enables hospitals to extend the life oftheir endoscopic light source, which contain meters to track the hours of use. “Endolumeenables hospitals to test bulbs prior to use, and may avoid swapping out expensive bulbs thatstill have useful life,” says Leiner. “This represents a significant savings to hospitals andoutpatient facilities.”
The Endolume enables biomedical engineers and medical professionals to test their endoscopicequipment quickly, easily, and affordably on site at a medical facility. Lighthouse Imaging alsodevelops EndoBench, a full‐featured endoscopic test system for hospitals, and Endobench XT, anendoscopic test system for manufacturers and repair facilities.
About Lighthouse Imaging Corporation
Lighthouse Imaging Corporation has developed endoscopic equipment for leadingmanufacturers and hospitals since 1984. We are an award‐winning provider of opticalengineering and design services for the medical device industry with more than 15 patentsissued. Our NIST‐traceable test equipment is manufactured in the United States at our ISO9001/13485 certified facility. Lighthouse Imaging was named 2010 Maine Innovator of the Yearby the Maine International Trade Center. To view video about the Endolume light meter, visit