Beamsplitter Rotating Adaptor

Endoscope Beamsplitter Rotating Adaptor

The Lighthouse Beamsplitter Rotating Adaptor provides a lightweight means of attaching endoscope eyepieces perpendicular to the axis of standard c-mount video cameras. The Beamsplitter allows simultaneous viewing with video and through the eyepiece. The eyepiece is held fixed within the adaptor mount with a free-rotation accomplished by a bearing integral to the adaptor. A positive locking mechanism prevents inadvertent rotation of the endoscope. The beamsplitter rotating adaptor is typically used in urologic endoscopy.

We use custom designed and manufactured optics to provide sharp images across the entire field of view. The adaptor is available with a built-in optical anti-moiré filter for use with fiberoptic endoscopes.

Our endoscope couplers are assembled and tested at our facility in Windham, Maine to assure consistent and excellent quality.


Focal Length:  27mm standard.

Endoscope Compatibility: Optimized for 4mm and 5mm diameter endoscopes.

Optics: Custom flat-field triplet optical design; broadband anti-reflection lens coatings.

Eyepiece Interface: Quick connect mechanism for one-handed operation; Non-marring lock ring; electrically insulating non-mar eyepiece interface.

Focus: Ergonomic focus ring with extended range for both single-chip and 3-chip CCD’s.

Sterilization Compatibility: Activated Glutaraldehyde, ETO, and Steris.

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