Below is a list of several of the patents held by Lighthouse Imaging Corporation or Dr. Leiner.

8343042: Magnetically actuated endoscope coupler

8040496: System and method for an illumination-quality test

5718664: Light guide connection port for a disposable arthroscope

5711755: Endoscopic diagnostic systems and associated methods employing infrared radiation

5684629: Optical system for endoscope
5651759: Method of making arthroscope having a shim for angularly orienting illumination fibers
5554100: Arthroscope with shim for angularly orienting illumination fibers
5412504: Optical system for an endoscope
4969708: Fiberoptic endoscope
4964710: Disposable rigid endoscope
4641927: Chromatic aberration corrected gradient index lens system
4515444: Optical system
7022065: Endoscope Test Device
6152872: Relay lens assembly for a disposable arthroscope
5997472: Endodiagnostic method using differential thermal relaxation and IR imaging
5944653: Dual IR and visible channel endodiagnostic apparatus
5833596: Endoscope for imaging infrared emissions within the range of 2 to 14 microns