Calibration and Repair

Endoscope Calibration and Repair

Lighthouse Imaging provides annual calibration and repair services for all Lighthouse manufactured products. This includes the following products:

  • Endolume – endoscopic system light meter
  • Firefly – endoscopic system light meter (Private label, OEM)
  • Endobench – endoscope image quality tester – standard model
  • Endobench XT – endoscope image quality tester – extended version
  • Dragonfly – endoscope image quality tester (Private label, OEM),
  • Endoscope Video Adaptors/Couplers – all types of endoscope couplers/adaptors

View endoscope measurement services by clicking here.

Non-warranty repairs – work is done on a time and materials basis. A cost estimate can be provided after an RMA has been assigned.

Calibration – Lighthouse Imaging recommends annual calibration of all manufactured test & measurement products to ensure proper performance, accuracy and NIST* traceability. All calibration activities are performed in compliance with ISO 9001:2008. Calibrated units are issued a valid Certificate of Calibration showing that NIST traceable calibration standards have been used.

*NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology

Please contact us directly for any questions related to Calibration and Repair Services.