3D Technology

Integrate 3D Vision Technology Into Your Products

In the medical device industry, the relationships between product innovators and manufacturing integrators are often the key to success. Innovators identify and bring an opportunity to enter a market that manufacturers might not have direct access to, while manufacturers provide the production solutions innovators may not have. Collaborative partnerships between these groups often result in a level of success not otherwise achievable, assuming a proper match of goals and competencies. Stereoscopic, or 3D vision, technology is a true differentiating factor and the incorporation into medical devices and ultimately procedures positions doctors and surgeons for success. When considering a partner for the integration of 3D and stereoscopic visualization into a medical device, there are three important considerations: selecting the appropriate technology, selecting a capable manufacturer, and industry expertise.

At Lighthouse, we ask you to consider three principal questions:

  1. Appropriate Technology
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Expertise & Cost

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