Lighthouse Imaging Announces External Light Source for Endolume to Aid in Endoscope Illumination Testing

The affordable and compact L700, used in conjunction with the Endolume endoscope system optical tester, enables biomedical engineers and technicians to test endoscope components in the service laboratory.

PORTLAND, MAINE – Lighthouse Imaging Corporation now offers the L700, an external LED light source, as a companion product to its Endolume endoscope system light tester. This inexpensive light source, when used in conjunction with Endolume, provides the necessary illumination to enable biomedical technicians, clinical engineers, and endoscope service technicians to quantitatively test the illumination characteristics of the endoscopic system. Biomedical technicians can use the L700 in the service laboratory in place of the OR endoscopic light source for testing light guides and endoscope optical fibers. Endolume enables biomedical engineers and medical professionals to test their entire endoscopic illumination system quickly, easily, and affordably on site at a medical facility.


If the optical fibers in a scope don’t appear to be emitting enough light for a patient procedure, then the surgical team may request replacement light guides or scopes. Quite often, hospital clinicians waste time by cycling through faulty components during a procedure.  All light sources, light guides and endoscope fibers should be tested prior to a procedure.


“Endoscopic components are used and sterilized frequently, which can impact quality over time. They need to be tested more frequently, in part to avoid wasting time and creating issues during patient procedures,” says Mark Waite, Lighthouse Imaging CEO. “Lighthouse Imaging’s new light source complements our line of endoscopic testing equipment, and makes it easy and affordable to test light guides and scope fibers in the lab rather than in the operating room.”


The new light sources are affordable, and include all of the connectors to common endoscope light guides. The L700 uses an LED light source engine, which is less expensive, lasts longer, and consumes less power than the light sources traditionally used in scopes.


In addition to the new light source, Lighthouse Imaging offers a full line of endoscopic testing instruments that objectively measure and verify all clinically relevant optical parameters throughout the entire endoscope lifecycle. Endolume enables biomedical engineers and medical professionals to test their entire endoscopic illumination system quickly, easily, and affordably on site at a medical facility. Endobench is a portable endoscope tester that enables hospitals and surgical centers to measure the optical characteristics and performance of endoscopes when new, between procedures, and before and after repair. Endobench XT is a portable endoscope tester that enables hospitals, endoscope service and repair companies to make endoscope image quality measurements on-site at hospitals. Endobench XTB is a bench-mounted endoscope image quality test system for scope manufacturing and scope repair QC testing, suitable for high production work environments.


About Lighthouse Imaging Corporation

Lighthouse Imaging is an award-winning provider of optical engineering and design services for the medical device industry, with more than 18 patents issued. Our NIST-traceable test and measurement equipment is manufactured in the United States at our ISO 9001/13485 certified and FDA registered facility. Click here to view a video about the Endobench series of endoscope image quality testers. For more information about Lighthouse Imaging, please visit or contact:

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