Optical Engineering Services

Optical Engineering Services at Lighthouse Imaging

Optical Medical Device Engineering

Lighthouse Imaging develops and manufactures optical systems for leading medical device manufacturers around the world.

As an acknowledged innovator in miniature visualization devices and endoscopic equipment, Lighthouse has successfully produced many leading medical optical products, including 3D scopes, visualization systems surgical robots, arthroscopes, laparoscopes, fiberoptic endoscopes, dental endoscopes, ureteroscopes, video endoscope adapters, “chip-on-tip” endoscopes, ophthalmic instrumentation, and disposable endoscopes.

Our objective is to create medical optical devices for our OEM partners that perform their required functions as directly and efficiently as possible. With over 100 years of combined industry experience in medical optics, we can assure clients of professional guidance starting with initial feasibility studies through to manufacturing.

Services Offered:

Lens Design

Medical Optics Consulting
Medical Opto-Mechanical Systems Design and Engineering Services

  • Technology assessments
  • Feasibility studies
  • Product definition
  •  Full lifecycle Opto-mechancial Product development, guidance, and consultation through all phases of development and production
  • Services cover holistic systems approach (Optical, Software, Electrical and Mechanical)
  • 3D Solid Modeling

Prototype manufacturing for concept testing and FDA submissions

  •  Procurement services – optical and fiberoptic components
  • Stringent Document and Revision Controls

Conversion to and execution of high volume optics module and systems manufacturing

  •  Optical tooling
  • Component sourcing
  •  FDA and ISO QC and Regulatory processes


Patent Studies

Optical repair and evaluation equipment

Optical Testing & Evaluation Services

  • Large In-house laboratory
  • Endoscope parameters lab
  • Fiberoptic measurements

Document Preparation

  • Presentation graphics
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Optical assembly procedures
  • Training material
  • Instruction manuals

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