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Advanced Optical Manufacturing

At Lighthouse Imaging, we specialize in developing and manufacturing optical imaging solutions for the medical device industry.

Our team partners with leading OEMs developing and manufacturing innovative medical device products that leverage our expertise in optics, mechanical design, software development and electrical engineering.

Our experience, creativity, and technical expertise allows us to partner with clients developing medical devices that performs their required function as directly and efficiently as possible. With over 100 years of experience in medical optics, we assure clients of professional guidance starting with initial feasibility studies through to manufacturing.

We excel in complex micro-video optical systems that require complex multidisciplinary engineering expertise.

Some of our featured product types include:

  • Endoscopic imaging systems
  • 3D, disposable and miniature imaging systems
  • Endoscope test equipment
  • Video coupling optics

Our broad and growing engineering team and capabilities cover areas such as:

Optical Engineering

  • World experts in design of optical and visualization systems for the medical device industry
  • Specialize in small, minimally invasive optical systems
  • High performance and low-cost
  • Extensive network of vendors for ground/polished glass, injection molded optics, single point diamond turning, etc.
  • Illumination system design and development

Mechanical Engineering

  • Specialize in micro/miniature designs with high precision
  • Design of high-volume, low-cost assemblies
  • Development of efficient manufacturing procedures

Electrical Engineering

  • Specialize in imaging and visualization systems
  • Experts in miniature opto-electronic designs
  • Access to cutting edge technology such as image sensors, LED’s, support IC’s, etc.
  • Video controllers and processors for custom applications
  • Advanced high-efficiency illumination systems

Software Engineering

  • Video processing, User Interface
  • Embedded system development (application processors, microcontrollers, ASIC, FPGA, etc)
  • Custom application development

ISO and FDA Certified Manufacturing Facility

Lighthouse is also unique in that with our ISO and FDA certified manufacturing operations we don’t just develop concepts but specialize in designing for manufacturing. From initial feasibilty studies we excel at planning ahead and bringing your vision to reality on budget, on time and ready for production.

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