Optical/Mechanical Engineering

Medical Optics Design

Product development insight, guidance, and consultation
Optical design expertise and support through all phases of product development
A network of expert engineering consultants
Experience in procuring optical and fiberoptic components
Optics module manufacturing

Opto-Mechanical Design

3D Solid Modeling
Presentation Graphics
Design for Manufacturing
Stringent Document and Revision Controls

Fiberoptics Design

Optical fiber sensors

  • Vibration measurement
  • Blood chemistry monitoring
  • Photodynamic therapy

Illumination systems

  • Endoscope fiberoptic illumination
  • Endoscope sidearm taper and endoscope coupling design

Imaging systems

  • Fused silica bundles
  • Ribbon conduits
  • Leached bundles

Repair Facility Engineering

Optical tooling
Component sourcing
Repair evaluation equipment
Documentation preparation

Client List