Endoscope Image Quality


Who's checking scope quality?

Chances are, no one!

Poor scope quality puts your patients and hospital at risk.
Watch this video to learn why it's important to test and report the quality of your rigid and flexible endoscopes.

Endoscope quality testing reduces risk to patients and the hospital

Ask your scope ISO or OEM vendor - 
How do you check scope quality?
Did you know:
It is estimated that 30% of scopes in inventory need repair and should not be used for surgery*
Hospitals need to proactively survey their risks and protect against any liability.
Endoscope testingIdentify poor quality endoscopes before they become a problem.
Quality assurance of your endoscopes allows you to maintain excellent service levels, maintain and extend the life of your endoscopes, lower cost, reduce equipment down-time, and ensure all compliance metrics are met.
Endoscope quality testing reduces risk to patients and hospitals by:
Verifying image quality when new, before and after repair
Providing quantitative measurement data for tracking scopes in medical equipment inventory
Meeting Joint Commission tracking requirement
Ensuring optimal image quality for rigid and flexible endoscopes.
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*Based on preliminary findings from hospital surveys and scope repair ISOs.